Sunday, April 28, 2013

Glazed Scallops with Pineapple Salsa ala Bobby Deen with Publix Scallops

My husbands birthday was a couple weeks ago and I got him two great cookbooks. Last night he made a great recipe from this one We have been really trying to eat lighter, and the Grilled Scallop recipe was fabulous, so tasty, delicious and satisfying you don't even realize you are eating light. According to the book it has only 178 calories per serving. I have also been watching my sodium too and a serving has only 173 mg.

Of course hubby got the ingredients from our nearby Publix. It was early in the morning and they did not have the scallops out yet in the seafood section but they accommodated hubby upon request and got him some from the back. We seem to know almost every employee at our local Publix on a first name basis, and we always get spectacular service.

It seems like it takes my husband quite a while to chop and prep anything he makes, but I know he enjoys the process. Here are a couple pics of prep and the finished product.

This was a wonderful dinner and I really felt like I was at a fabulous Florida keys restaurant overlooking the water as I ate. It all tasted so yummy fresh and tropical. I couldn't find a link to Bobby's scallop recipe online, I guess you will just have to buy the book. Here is a link to a similar scallop recipe by his mom, Paula Deen, but it may not be as light. Enjoy!!!


  1. Lovely work! Would you be happy to link it in to the current Food on Friday which is all about scallops? This is the link . There are 40 great links there already. I do hope to see you there. Cheers

  2. Hey, thanks for linking in. I do hope to see you again soon. Cheers