Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gator Loss in Sugar Bowl, How Did This Happen?

Many Florida Gator fans woke up this morning, still shaking there heads I imagine, wondering how the Florida Gators lost the BCS Sugar Bowl to what was almost universally agreed to be an inferior opponent. Louisville, after all, is from the Big East, and the Gators are from the almighty SEC. Many believed this was a no brainer and felt it was beneath the Gators to even be playing a sub par team such as Louisville. Also interesting to note is that the ACC's Clemson beat the SEC's LSU in the Chik-fil-A Bowl 2 days earlier.

Many of those pointing a finger are wasting no time pointing one at Will Muschamp. I myself am personally dismayed by the poor sportsmanship I observed. A very sadly sour note on which to end an otherwise impressive season. As Austin Green says in today's Bleacher Report ~ Not only did Florida lose big, but they performed in a simply shameful manner. They committed multiple personal fouls, Chris Johnson was ejected for throwing a punch, and they gave up 98 yards on nine penalties.

BCS rankings and SEC dominance and supposed superiority are always hot topics of dispute, and these Gator and LSU losses will surely only fuel that fire.

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