Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thoughts For the New Year - The Value of Less Worry and More Good Deeds

Searching for a sense of renewal as the New Year kicks in? Check out what more than 600 people did this morning in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, courtesy of the Florida Times-Union. You don't have to jump into the cold ocean water to feel renewed, however. I have read where just doing one good deed a day for someone can keep people feeling renewed year round. I think being a "better person" is on almost everyone's New Year resolution list, but how do we accomplish this? If we are constantly in a state of self-absorption and worry it certainly is difficult.

                                            My handsome little man in his New Year's outfit!

My suggestion is for us to all start off the New Year, either reading or rereading this book. This is a book you do not have to read all at once, I found some incredibly valuable information before I even finished the first chapter. We very often can be our own worst enemy, let's try not to do that so much this year!!

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